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Me Before You

Chapter 666

First of all, she knew that she can’t persuade Anna. But even if she succeeded in persuading Anna to not stay with Daniel Taylor, it will have no good for her. It will only let people know that her daughter has been divorced.

"Of course, there will be a lot of good for you. The Taylor Family married her and didn’t even give you any bride price. But, I’m different."

Isabella Brown took out a card. "There are 30000 dollars in this card. You can use them. Also, if you persuade Anna to leave Daniel Taylor and let her not be with Daniel Taylor, I will give you a house in the city. I know that Mr. Stark has very little income. With your and his income, I know it will be hard to buy a house in the city. If your son finds a girlfriend in the future and if there is no house in his family, do you think that girl will marry him? Of course not!"

This was exactly what Anna’s mother has been worried about.

She and her husband were old, incompetent, and had very little income. Now the house prices were far away than what they can afford. She felt that she can’t earn a house even if she dies.

When Anna got married to Daniel Taylor, she wanted these things. But from the Taylor Family, she didn’t get anything.

Now Isabella Brown unexpectedly came to her door to give money.copy right hot novel pub