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Me Before You

Chapter 663

Daniel Taylor was restrained at the beginning. But Anna stirred up this fire and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

He pressed her under his body and took off her clothes. Suddenly Anna’s facial expressions were changed, and she grabbed his hand. "Wait."

"..." Daniel Taylor looked at her. "What’s the matter?"

What’s wrong with her?

There was a rush of heat from below and Anna looked at him stiffly. "It seems it’s my periods."

Daniel Taylor, "..."

Is she really teasing him?

Anna pushed him away and went into the bathroom. As expected, she saw her underwear dyed red.

This time it was ahead of schedule and caught her unprepared.

Anna changed her underpants, dealt with it in the bathroom, and came out. She saw Daniel Taylor, with the somewhat ugly face on the bed, "it’s really… I am having periods."

Daniel Taylor looked at her, but he didn’t speak. His face was black as coal.

Anna went over with a hollow heart. "I wasn’t deliberate. Hoo did I know that I would have periods suddenly? Sorry.copy right hot novel pub