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Me Before You

Chapter 662

If her aunt hadn’t called her, she’ll probably be kept in the dark by him.


In the evening, Daniel Taylor sat on the bed. Instead of reading today, he took his mobile phone and looked at the old videos saved on his mobile phone.

It was Anna’s video of singing competition at school before. He watched it carefully. After taking a bath, Anna climbed over and threw herself on the bed. "Are you watching these boring videos again?"

"Not boring." Even after looking at his wife a hundred times. He didn’t feel bored.

Anna lay down on his body, grabbed the mobile phone from his hand, put it aside, and stared at him.

Daniel Taylor looked at his little baby. "What do you want to do?"

"Guess?" Anna said, the hand touched his abdominal muscle, and let Daniel Taylor have a reaction instantly.

Daniel Taylor was an expert. She was so obvious, how he can’t see it?

He breathed heavily and said, "How you took the initiative today?"

In fact, he didn’t do anything to help her aunt. She didn’t need to be so grateful to him like this.

Anna kissed him on the lips and didn’t answer.

She just wanted to kiss him today. There was no reason. She wanted to be with him and love him well.

Anna also found that her condition was too much worse than him, it was really bad.

Like, even if he did something casually, it will be enough to make her feel so much gratitude. However, if she wanted to repay him a little, she can’t do it well, even if she tried her best.

She pressed Daniel Taylor, held his shirt collar, and kissed him on the chin, "you have always been very kind to me."

"Isn’t this my responsibility?" Daniel Taylor said softly, "when will you stop being so polite to me? You see, sister and brother-in-law have been together for so many years, and they never took their things as separate things. If there is any matter in the two families, they will deal with it together.copy right hot novel pub