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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 939 Hard to Accept the Fact

Tim came out of the study. Before he could see Summer, he habitually closed the door when he went out.

After he closed the door, he looked up and saw Summer at the stairs. Summer sat in the wheelchair, looking at him quietly. She was obviously waiting for him.

Tim paused for a moment and walked over.

"Mrs. Emerson." He nodded slightly, and his tone was as respectful as ever.

Summer smiled and asked, "Are you done?"

Tim nodded. He was a smart man and knew what Summer was waiting for him for.

Summer said calmly, " Tim, I have something to ask you."

Tim was Leonardo's henchman, and he was trusted by him. To a certain extent, Tim was more trustworthy to Leonardo than Carl.

Tim frowned slightly.

"Don't worry, these questions won't put you on the spot."

When Tim heard this, he was slightly stunned for a moment and looked up at her.

Summer seriously asked, "What exactly happened to my leg? Leonardo has always refused to tell me about it."

Unexpectedly, Tim did not hesitate. "It was because of the explosion on the island four years ago. You were seriously injured and were in a coma for three years. And the car accident caused sequelae.copy right hot novel pub