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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 938 I Am with Her

Leonardo looked down at Rosie. Rosie was wearing a white skirt with light green flower pattern on it today. Her skin was fair, and she looked healthy and full of vitality.

Leonardo reached out and stroked her head, saying, "Don't worry about Mom. I'm with her."

Rosie lowered her head and said, "OK...."

Summer settled in Leonardo's villa just like that. Leonardo stayed with her every day. He would wake up at a fixed time in the morning and push her wheelchair out to take her for a walk after dinner.

Sometimes, Rosie was with them. However, as Rosie had problem getting up, they would take a walk alone.

Summer became quieter and quieter, and she did not speak much, mainly because she had nothing to say. Leonardo wasn't a talkative person, so when she didn't want to speak, Leonardo naturally wouldn't say anything. Most of the time, they stayed together in silence.

After lunch, Leonardo would take Summer back to her room to take a nap. When Summer fell asleep, Leonardo would go to the study to work. Then, Tim would come over to deliver some documents to Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub