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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 791He Will Definitely Turn the World Around

Unlike Summer, Leonardo's expression was extremely gloomy.

Leonardo's phone rang. His gaze did not leave Summer. He took out his phone and answered.

Leonardo looked indifferent. Summer could not tell from his expression and didn't know what they were talking about on the phone.

To Summer's surprise, after Leonardo answered the phone, he took a deep look at Summer, turned around, returned to the car, and drove away.

Summer turned around and returned to the car.

Jessica asked curiously, "Why did Leonardo suddenly leave?"

"He answered the phone and left." Summer did not know why Leonardo had suddenly left. There must be something urgent.

Summer had just started the car when she realized that a car was coming right in front of her.

Summer slowed down and that car turned around the intersection and drove to the driveway beside her.

Summer put the car window down. Looking through the car window, she found that the person sitting in the car was Carl.

Carl also saw Summer, so he called Summer.

"Are you all right? Where's Leonardo? I don't see him."

As Summer drove, she said, "He had just left when he answered a phone. Did you call him?"

"No, I just came over. Someone told me that something was wrong with the road. If it weren't for Jessica sending me the address, I would really have been tricked by them!"

After Carl finished speaking, he added, "Leonardo would do anything he wants. Anyway, you guys are okay."

They didn't say anything more. They drove to Summer and Jessica's neighborhood.

Summer took them to her house.

After sitting for a while, Carl was driven away by Jessica.

When they were left alone, Jessica asked worriedly, "Summer, what would you do if Leonardo really didn't want to let you go?"

"No one lives in this world because someone let him go." Summer answered with firm expression.

Because of Leonardo's status, after such an incident at his wedding, it was quickly reported by the media. It swept through the headlines of the major media.

It became a trending topic.

Previously, when Amber and Leonardo announced their marriage news, they were as high-profile as they were now. Almost all of the curses on the Internet were directed at Amber.

However, Leonardo had gained a lot of sympathy.copy right hot novel pub