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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 790 Haven't You Already Done?

The bridegroom and bride were gone. Finally, Tim took charge of the banquet.

Tim was very experienced in dealing with such an emergency. After such a humiliating incident, Tim calmly arranged everything.

The other tables were whispering.

Only Summer's table was exceptionally quiet, each with their own thoughts.

Jessica slowly tasted the vegetables. She wanted to ask Summer many questions. However, it was not proper for the occasion. She could only continue to eat.

Even though such an incident happened today, no one dared to leave first because the bridegroom was Leonardo.

After a while, Jessica really couldn't eat any more. She whispered to Summer, "Let's go."

Summer nodded, picked up her bag and walked out. They were the first to leave.

As soon as Summer and Jessica left, Carl naturally followed. Spencer and Stanley sat facing each other in silence. Then they also stood up and left.

As soon as they left, Jessica couldn't wait to ask Summer, "How did you get these videos?"

"It's from abroad." Summer answered very briefly. Jessica was not very satisfied with this answer, "Tell me more about it."

"To be more specific... Nothing is impossible for a willing mind." Summer smiled as she finished her sentence and entered the elevator.

Jessica also entered the elevator. Carl chased after them from behind, "Hey, wait for me!"

Jessica snorted and wrinkled her nose. She pressed the button to close the elevator door with a loud sound.

Summer laughed. She reached out to hold Jessica's wrist and pressed the button to open the door, waiting for Carl to come in.

After Carl entered, Summer raised her head and saw Stanley not far away. Now, it was her turn to press the button to close the elevator door.

Fortunately, before Stanley came over, the elevator door closed and began to go down.

They stood in the elevator. After a moment of silence, Carl asked tentatively, "Summer, you..."

"I did get the video first.copy right hot novel pub