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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 713 Leonardo, You Are a Heartless Bastard!

"Summer Jarrett!" Leonardo called her name in a threatening way.

It was as if he was going to do something if Summer kept talking to him like that.

Summer was extremely impatient now. She did not want to know what Leonardo was thinking, nor did she want to figure out why he had suddenly come to her and kept asking questions about what had happened last night.

She suspected that Leonardo had been with Amber for some unspeakable reason, but Leonardo had made it hard for her to believe.

Summer had always been faithful to him, even though she had to put up with the coldness of Leonardo, who had already changed when Leonardo had made her go to the restaurant. After what had happened at the restaurant, Summer's love for Leonardo finally began to fade.

But now, Leonardo had blocked her way and kept asking her about last night.

Thinking of this, Summer sounded even calmer. "What does it have to do with you, Mr. Emerson? I'm just an irrelevant person, why do you even care about me?"

She remembered everything Leonardo had said.

He said that she was an irrelevant person to him. In that way, her affairs were also irrelevant to him.

Leonardo still maintained the posture, but the rise and fall of his chest showed the swings of his mood.

However, he only said, "You got a smart mouth."

He sounded not as cold as usual, but somewhat pampering.

Summer seemed to be stimulated by his tone and began to struggle violently.

"Let go of me!" Her voice was trembling, and it was extremely cold, not as calm as before.

However, Leonardo chuckled, "Answer my question and I'll let you go."

Summer was completely enraged by him. But she could not get away no matter how hard she had struggled. She raised her hand, but it was grabbed by Leonardo again.

Helplessness and panic surged up in her heart. Summer tried her best to calm down, but she couldn't. She hysterically shouted, "Leonardo, we've broken up! What do you want from me?"

She could tell that Leonardo stiffened for a moment.

But she continued anyway. "Logan humiliated me in front of you, but you didn't care at all. When he stopped my car halfway and made me so helpless, you were hugging Amber. When the Emerson Group caught fire, you left me behind. In order to please Amber, you lied to me and made me go to the restaurant..."

"So what are you doing now? Do you think you can do anything to me just because I can't resist you?"

Summer suddenly burst into laughter.copy right hot novel pub