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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 712 Don't Think I Am Unaware

"What is Miss Amber laughing at?" Summer appeared to be calm. Not a trace of panic could be founded across her face. "It's usual in the entertainment circle, right?"

In Amber's eyes, Summer was making dying kicks.

"How could it be photographed if no one saw it?"

"Miss Amber, you didn't see it with your own eyes. So, why do you think the photographer saw it with his eyes?"

Summer quickly retorted before the sound of Amber's voice had died away.

Summer was stating in a faint tone and her words seemed so gentle. But everyone could tell that she was aiming at Amber.

The crew of Lost City 2 was that of Lost City. They had contacted with Summer and knew she was kind. It was rare to see her being so sharp. Not to mention, she was questioning Amber in the face of Leonardo.

Amber suddenly realized that she had somewhat got ahead of herself. She felt a little guilty.

She took a glance at Leonardo. But he was sitting back at leisure, with no intention to defend her.

Amber was annoyed, but she had no way to criticize him. Actually, she didn't dare even when they were alone.

Amber managed to remain calm, "Ms. Summer, no wonder you are a scriptwriter. You really have a glib tongue."

Summer wore a smile, "Actually, it is easy to solve it. Why not check the surveillance video?"

Amber's look instantly changed.

Summer fixed her eyes on Amber and naturally got her reaction. Now, she was surer that Amber was the one who took these photos.

The photos she took were so ambiguous that she would doubtlessly delete the surveillance.

She thought that no one could testify if Summer entered into Bowen's room when she deleted the surveillance video.

But Summer led the focus back to the authenticity of the photos. Then, it would be suspicious since the surveillance video was deleted.

The air in the meeting room seemed to have frozen. Everyone held their breath and didn't dare to speak.

"You...." Amber chuckled out of extreme anger.

"Enough!" Leonardo interrupted her. His voice was not loud, but it carried a powerful aura.

"That's enough.copy right hot novel pub