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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 700 I Just Don't Want to See You

Douglas fished round in his pockets for his driving license. After a long while, he found it and gave it to her.

It was crumpled, as if he got it from the garbage can.

Summer glanced at him and allowed him to drive.

As soon as Summer nodded, Douglas ran to the other side and opened the door near the passenger seat, "Summer, please."

After Summer got on the car, she teased Douglas, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No. The cafeteria staff was all men except for one old lady. How could I find a girlfriend?" Douglas said miserably to Summer.

Douglas saw a cake shop by the roadside. He said excitedly, "Summer, I want to have some cake."

Summer signaled for him to stop. They went to the shop for a cake.

On the way back home, Douglas stopped at every food shop, like a greedy little child.

Summer smiled and said, "I believe you've had a hard time in school."

"Yeah. Indeed." Douglas seized every chance to gain her sympathy.

Summer stocked a lot of food in her house for the New Year. After arriving at her place, Summer served a lot of foods to Douglas as a treat.

Douglas took a bag of beef jerky and walked around the room while eating, sized the room.

He looked around and said in a seemingly serious tone, "Summer, your apartment is too small. After I make money, I'll give you a big house."

Summer laughed. He was still a kid and was always on a whim.

She glanced at Douglas and said, "It isn't my apartment, I rent it."

Douglas was surprised.

Summer tried not to laugh and nodded at Douglas.

Douglas walked over and sat down beside Summer, "Although I don't have much money, I can afford to buy a place for you."

Summer burst into laughter, "Why do you insist on buying me a place to live?"

Douglas became very serious. He looked at Summer and said solemnly, "Because you treat me well. I want to repay you."

Summer thought about it carefully. She felt that she was not particularly nice to Douglas. But Douglas had always liked her.

Summer shook her head and refused, "Thank you for your kindness. There is no need and I do have money."

Douglas obviously did not believe it. Summer said in an emphatic tone, "I mean it."

"I mean it, too." Douglas put down the jerky and took a pack of marshmallows.

Summer did not argue with Douglas, and went to the refrigerator to see what she could cook for him tonight.

Actually, after so many years, Summer didn't know Douglas' preference in eating.

Douglas didn't take himself as a guest.copy right hot novel pub