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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 701 I Don't Want to Get You Involved

Summer moved her lips in disbelief at Douglas’ words, but she did not speak.

What exactly had happened between Leonardo and Douglas? Douglas mentioned that in the past three years, Leonardo had been manipulated like a fool, which meant that they were in contact during these three years.

Otherwise, Douglas would not know so well about Leonardo's situation. However, what Douglas said puzzled Summer the most.

Douglas was practically brought up by Leonardo, who was deep and reserved. However, Douglas was sensible as well.

But just now, Douglas said such mean words.

Leonardo leisurely straightened his clothes. He was unruffled, as if he did not hear what Douglas had said just now. He said softly, "Do you wish to go on your own? Or shall I call someone to carry you away?"

If it had been someone else, Leonardo probably would not have wasted his energy. It could be seen that Douglas was different in his eyes.

Summer gently nudged Douglas. Although Douglas was reluctant, he entered the elevator.

Leonardo glanced at her and got into the elevator as well.

Summer watched them leave before returning to her room.

After she got back to her room, Summer searched for good kindergartens in Hoover City on the Internet. In the end, she screened out more than ten kindergartens, planning to visit them the next day.

The next day.

Summer was worried about Douglas, so she decided to see Rosie first and saw how Douglas was doing.

After breakfast, she drove to Leonardo's villa. Just as she stopped her car at the gate, Leonardo's car drove out.

It was Tim who drove to pick up Leonardo. He slowed down when he saw Summer, and he looked at Leonardo from the rear-view mirror. "It's Ms. Summer."

Leonardo took a glance out of the window and closed his eyes to take a rest, saying coldly, "Go to the company."

Tim nodded slightly without saying anything else. He directly drove past Summer and went to the company.

Until Leonardo's car was far away did Summer get out of the car and entered the villa.

She wouldn't see Leonardo if she could help it.copy right hot novel pub