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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 675 His Goal Achieved

The deep love would leave imprint in one's heart, and even if that love had gone, the imprint remained.

After moving out of Leonardo's villa for so long, it was the first time Summer realized that her relationship with Leonardo was truly ended.

She just....

It was really hard to accept that the man who had once said that he would never leave her in this lifetime let go of her just like that.

It was as if there were a big hole in her heart, and seawater had poured into her heart. It was cold and painful, and her entire body was numb. She was so numb that she couldn't shed a single tear.

No matter how deep the love was, it would always disappear in the end, right? Karen did not love her, Lynn did not love her, and even Leonardo did not love her anymore either.

Summer laughed. The corners of her eyes were dry, and not a single tear could fall out.

The phone in her pocket vibrated. Summer lowered her head and took out her phone. Without checking who was calling, she directly answered the phone.

"Summer, where are you?" It was Eliza.

The sound of a fire engine came from outside. At the same time, the same sound came from the other end of the phone. It was very close.

Eliza noticed that Summer did not hear the sound of the fire engine. She asked in disbelief, "Summer, are you still in the Emerson Group?"

Summer looked around and asked calmly, "How is the situation? I'll be right down."

Eliza was stunned by Summer's calm tone.

"It wasn't a big fire. It was just a false alarm. But Summer, everyone was running for their lives just now. I couldn't believe you were even running upstairs. Were you crazy?"

"I know. I'll come down immediately." Summer ignored her words and hung up the phone. She got up and walked downstairs.

Eliza said that it wasn't a big fire. But Summer didn't know what was going on. She went down along the stairs.

She met a firefighter halfway.copy right hot novel pub