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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 674 Accident

When Summer arrived at the conference room, no one was absent. Eliza waved at Summer and asked Summer to sit beside her.

Since it was Leonardo's decision to invest "Lost City 2", his employees didn't need to make things difficult for them. With Eliza communicating with Leonardo's employees, the two sides signed the contract smoothly. And Summer played little role during the process.

The more Summer thought about it, the more puzzled she became. Since it had nothing to do with her, why did Leonardo ask her to come? What was wrong with Leonardo? Summer took a deep breath and became furious.

But based on her understanding of Leonardo, he wouldn't get her into trouble for no reason. Was it because of Amber? Summer thought for a while and found it strange. It didn't make sense that Leonardo did so due to Amber.

With Leonardo's personality, it was totally a waste of time to put someone he didn't like into trouble. If he indeed wanted to help Amber, he could just have Amber pick on her after the project started. He didn’t have to go after her himself.

Summer took all possibilities into consideration, and then thought that she probably had thought too much.

"Summer, let's go. What are you thinking about?"

Summer regained her senses after hearing Eliza.

She did a double taking before realizing that the meeting was over. Everyone went out of the room, except for Eliza.

She hurriedly stood up and said, "OK. Let's go."

They walked out side by side. Seeing Summer was still in a daze, Eliza couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong?"

"It's fine," Summer replied. She had to hide the truth from Eliza.

All of a sudden, there came a hubbub ahead. It seemed there was an emergency, and the people in front of them began to run.

Then, everyone on the floor left their offices. Summer could hear them shouting, but she failed to hear clearly.

She put in more efforts and said with a serious expression, "It sounds like a smoke alarm."

Then, there came a shout, "Fire! Fire!"

Everyone rushed to the security exit and ran downstairs. And Eliza, who was walking beside Summer, changed her expression slightly and wanted to run towards the exit.

The conference room where they signed the contract was not on the same floor with Leonardo's office, which was two floors upstairs. Rosie was there with Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub