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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 635 I Am Tired of Leonardo

Summer's face changed when Eliza said that Leonardo brought a woman with him.

Eliza looked like she had seen a ghost, so Summer tentatively said a name.


"How do you know?" Eliza sat down beside Summer. "You're right. That is Amber!"

Summer turned to look at the entrance. However, the crowd gathered there, and she couldn't see Leonardo and Amber at all.

But she slowly stood up and smoothed her dress while staring in the direction.

"What are you doing?" Eliza couldn't help but ask when she saw Summer doing that.

"I'll take a look." After saying that, Summer walked to the crowd.

People were very forgetful. Summer had been the primary focus when she married and divorced Leonardo. However, after the news got cooled, no one mentioned Summer again.

Even if a few people here recognized Summer, they didn't think much or say anything.

After all, Leonardo and Amber were the most eye-catching couple at tonight's party.

And some people beside Summer were whispering about Leonardo and Amber.

"Didn't the Emerson group say that their president doesn't like a Thompson?"

"Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Emerson has changed!"

"Miss Amber is so pretty, and she has such a good family. It's not surprising that Leonardo likes her."

"What's the point of you guys talking so much? Just wait and see...."

"Yeah, you're right."

Summer heard their words, but she didn't care about them at all.

She was focused on Leonardo and Amber.

They were walking over side by side. Although Amber did not hold Leonardo's arm, they were very close. And Leonardo did not show any dislike or disgust.

Even though Amber was only walking with Leonardo, it could arouse many thoughts in these people's mind.

Leonardo wore a dark suit as he always did, tall and elegant. Amber looked quite exquisite from head to toe. Even her dress was the work of a famous designer.

If people compared her dress to Summer's, they would find that the latter one looked too plain.

Summer stood amidst the crowd, but nobody noticed her.

She watched Leonardo and Amber walking past her.

She couldn't help but clench her hands.copy right hot novel pub