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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 634 The Woman

Summer and the woman looked at each other for three seconds before they both looked away.

In a big city like the Hoover City, the chances of seeing an acquaintance were weirdly high.

Summer just came out to buy a dress, and she met someone she hadn't seen for a long time.

Well, what a small world.

Then Eliza finally came out of the fitting room.

"Summer, what about this dress?" Eliza asked Summer with a smile. It was obvious that Eliza was very satisfied with this one.

And it was indeed better looking than the others, so Summer nodded.

"Then I'll take this one!" Eliza smiled and turned around. Then her smile disappeared.

She leaned over to Summer's ear with a vigilant look and asked, "When did Amber come?"

The woman who met Summer's eyes was Amber.

Summer did not look at Amber. She replied calmly, "She just got in."

Eliza carefully observed Summer, trying to figure out how she was feeling now, but Eliza only got disappointed in the end.

She did not see any emotions on Summer's face.

It was said that Leonardo had dated Amber. Although the official account of the Emerson Group denied the rumor, most people still believed that those media must have got evidence to say so.

Even Eliza thought Leonardo had an affair with Amber.

However, Eliza believed that Leonardo must have a closer relationship with Summer.

But Summer kept her mouth shut. So, Eliza could hardly know anything.

Eliza gave up gossiping with Summer. She started guessing why Amber came here. "She's also going to a dinner party tonight?"

It reminded Summer.

Amber also worked in the television station. So, it was not strange that she was also going to attend a party.

"Hurry up and get changed." Summer didn't want to stay here any longer. She pushed Eliza into the fitting room.

"Wait for me," Eliza said as she closed the door, "I'll come out soon."

Summer turned around and found that Amber was walking towards her.

It was too late to pretend that she hadn't seen Amber.

"Ms. Summer, I haven't seen you for a long time. You look so thin. And ... no offense, a bit gaunt." Amber stood in front of Summer and raised her chin. Although she was smiling, she couldn't hide her arrogance.

Now Amber was like the old Kate.

However, Amber was more reserved than Kate.copy right hot novel pub