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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 601 Turn Against Each Other

Now, having heard Stanley's words, she finally realized that Leonardo had been ordering people to protect her in secret.

She had always thought Leonardo only started that after she had been in Australia for a few months.

However, she didn't expect that the moment she arrived, Leonardo's people followed her.

After what had happened, Summer was a bit moved to learn about these things.

"No, that's true. Of course you've saved me." Stanley's expression changed, and his smile weakened.

Summer asked him, "When was that?"

Stanley only glanced at her in a murky way and didn't answer her question.

"Care to make a bet? Guess if Leonardo can find from which door we are leaving?"

The things she learned just now had a huge impact on her. Hence Summer sneered out of anger, "Are you mad?"

Stanley was simply a lunatic. Who would want to bet with him at this critical moment?

Originally, Summer only cursed him out of irk, but Stanley's expression turned dark in the blink of an eye and soon was frosty cold.

His expression became gloomy again, "Even if I am mad, I'm not as mad as Leonardo."

Summer gritted her teeth and turned away her eyes, not wanting to talk to Stanley anymore.

The more she talked to him, the angrier she became. And she was afraid that she might exasperate him so much that he would do something she could not bear.

She had no idea what Stanley was up to, but there was no denying that he was planning something big.

He had spent three to four years on this, or perhaps even longer.

But Summer was more and more confused. All these efforts and schemes Stanley had made, ultimately, were they targeting Leonardo or her?

If his ultimate target was Leonardo, then why would he beat around the bush before getting to her?

Back then, on the island, she and Leonardo were both seriously injured from the explosion. If Stanley was able to save her on that island, of course, he would be able to kill Leonardo there.

But he didn't kill Leonardo and just saved her.

If he had done anything to Leonardo at that time, it could only be him hypnotizing Leonardo.

The hypnosis of Leonardo had remained an unsolved mystery even to this day.

Not long after Leonardo suspected Stanley, Stanley was taken away by the so-called "Connel".

Since Stanley was able to do so many things, Summer had no doubt that it was him who hypnotized Leonardo.

Summer looked at him coldly and said, "Did you hypnotize Leonardo?"

"You finally realize it was me?" Stanley looked like he was flaunting, "Leonardo indeed has an iron will, but sadly, he was injured and in a coma at that time... No, it's not accurate to say that he was in a coma. He wasn't so seriously injured and was about to wake up soon.copy right hot novel pub