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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 602 Constraining Leonardo

Hearing Leonardo call him, Tim hurriedly walked towards Leonardo's room.

He walked to Leonardo and whispered, "Mr. Emerson, what happened?"

"Stanley has made his move." Leonardo did not stop his footsteps. He said as he walked out.

Tim's expression changed at Leonardo's words. "I'll bring my people there right away."

It was a cold night. When Leonardo and Tim arrived at the door of Stanley's villa, they happened to see a group of people gathering there. There were two cars parked at the entrance, as if they were leaving.

Seeing this, Tim immediately ordered his men to surround them.

The leading man looked at Leonardo and said, "Mr. Emerson, what's this about?"

Leonardo looked at him with a poker face and said coldly, "Where is Stanley?"

"Mr. Stanley is sleeping, of course. Where else can he be?" The man should have been instructed before. He answered fluently, even without moving his eyes.

Leonardo sneered and directly broke into the villa with his people.

"What are you doing!"

"Stop! You're trespassing!"

They wanted to stop Leonardo, but how could they?

Leonardo hurried inside, completely ignoring those people. Tim and the bodyguards were around him, so those people couldn't even get close to him.

Helpless, Stanley's subordinates could only watch as Leonardo walked in.

Unlike outside, it was extremely quiet in the villa. There was no servant, and even the air-conditioner was off.

"Search this place!" Leonardo stood in the spacious hall with an expression so gloomy that he almost fused into the night outside.

At this time, a bodyguard suddenly ran over and said, "There are some cars at the back door, too."

Hearing this, Tim turned around to look at Leonardo, but the latter didn't say anything. He just took out his phone.

Tim thought for a moment and said, "Mr. Emerson, I'll bring some people over first!"

Leonardo did not say anything. Instead, he just took out his phone and stared at a small red dot on it.

The red dot was still in the villa.

He remembered the text message Summer sent him. Half of the few words were to remind him to take Rosie away.copy right hot novel pub