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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 586 A Car Accident

Stanley ignored Summer's question and instead asked, "Is Rosie asleep?"

The reason why he changed the topic was so obvious, it was clear that he didn't want to explain it to her.

Stanley looked like a pushover, but if he didn't want to say something, no one could change his mind.

Summer stood up and walked out without waiting for a moment.

When she turned around, Stanley was a little unhappy, and said in a depressed tone, "Summer, you wouldn't sit down and drink a glass of water with me now?"

"I'm going to see if Rosie is awake." Stanley had just used Rosie to change the topic, and Summer had also used the same way to change the topic.

Seeing that Summer was about to leave, Stanley immediately stood up and shouted, "Summer!"

There was a rare sulk in his voice.

Summer could only stop on her way out and said in an impatient tone, "If you have something to say, please finish it at once."

Stanley walked around the sofa to her with a gloomy face. He stared at her and said, "Summer, Leonardo can give you a privileged life with a bunch of servants, so can I. What he can give you, I can also give you, and I can even give you more!"

Summer heard the oddity in his words and involuntarily stepped back, "What do you mean?"

Now, she could no longer understand Stanley's words.

Stanley took half a step forward, trying to get closer to her, but after Summer realized his intentions, she quickly took another two steps back and extended her hand to block him, "Don't beat around the bush."

"Alright, then I'll be straight with you." Stanley's eyes flashed with displeasure, but he was not angry. He was not someone who could easily get angry.

"You know Leonardo better than me. He blows hot and cold, and it's too hard to get along with him. You'll be much more relaxed with me. I don't mind what happened between you and him. I could treat Rosie as if she were my own child."

After Stanley finished speaking, he reached out to touch her again.

Summer quickly dodged and glared at Stanley, "Are you crazy?"

"You can think about what I said. I'm more suitable for you than Leonardo. Didn't we get along well and happily during the past few days?"

Stanley saw that Summer had been indifferent, and her eyes became somewhat anxious.

Summer did not know why Stanley had such thoughts. She felt that Stanley's statement was ridiculous, "Are you finished now? Can I leave now?"

The Stanley in front of her was far from the Stanley Summer knew. Summer was even willing to believe that he was only Connel, not Stanley.

However, he was indeed Stanley. Even if Stanley and Connel had the same face, their personalities were different.

Summer passed him and was about to walk past him, but he grabbed her wrist.copy right hot novel pub