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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 587 A Glimmer of Light

Moreover, even if Stanley was willing to let her see Leonardo, he would definitely be up to nothing good.

"If it wasn't related to you, why would you believe that Leonardo really had an accident?" Summer clenched her hands tightly and stopped. She turned around and stared at Stanley.

Smart people were suspicious, and Stanley was no exception. Judging from his confident expression, she knew that he was sure Leonardo was really in a car accident.

If Leonardo's car accident wasn't related to Stanley, how could Stanley be so sure?

Stanley narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "Summer, I don't like what you say."

"Because I told the truth." Summer sneered and went out.

When she went out, Summer's heart sank.

She quickened her pace and walked towards Rosie's room.

When she entered, her footsteps became light. Rosie was still asleep. Summer walked to the bed side and laid the newspaper on the table. She moved the floor lamp to the front and carefully studied the newspaper.

Although she had a premonition that Leonardo's car accident was related to Stanley, she did not believe that Leonardo could really be schemed by Stanley.

Leonardo was not someone who could easily fall into a trap and suffer losses.

However, she was still worried!

Summer covered her face and leaned against the sofa, letting out a long sigh of relief. She was somewhat anxious as she guessed whether Leonardo had been in an accident or not.

However, she could not see Leonardo. What was the point of her guess when she couldn't see him?

Summer raised her head and looked at Rosie on the bed for a while. If she was alone now, she wouldn't have to worry so much.

Stanley took good care of Rosie now, not because he was kind enough, but because he knew that as long as Rosie was here, he could pin down Summer.

Under the premise that he could pin down Summer, he was naturally willing to treat Rosie better.

All day long, Summer felt uneasy.

During dinner at night, Summer did not see Stanley, nor did she know what he was planning.

After dinner, Stanley came back.

Summer carried Rosie and met Stanley at the stairs.

Stanley only glanced at Summer and smiled as he extended his hand towards Rosie, "Rosie."

Rosie blinked and extended her hand towards Stanley.

Stanley took an exquisite small box to Rosie and said, "Take a look, baby."

A box og chocolate.

Rosie nodded, "Thank you, Uncle Stanley.copy right hot novel pub