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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 521 Don't Waste Your Time

Short-tempered, Jessica was cursing Leonardo. Summer didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Wait until I finish!"

"Okay, go on." Jessica was no longer interested in what she was going to say and fiddled with the glass.

Summer became serious and said, "He wants to give the Emerson Group to me."

"What? Give you the Emerson Group?" Jessica repeated in a daze.

After two seconds, she suddenly got what Summer had said and grabbed Summer's hand. "What did you say? Say it again?"

Summer repeated, "Leonardo wanted to give the Emerson Group to me."

Jessica opened her mouth wide and then closed it when she realized how unsightly it was.

Jessica's eyes widened as her voice trembled, "Did Mr. Emerson really say that?"

"Yes." Summer nodded.

"The Emerson ... Group...." Jessica stuttered as she took out her phone. "I need to check the market value of the Emerson Group."

Everyone knew that the Emerson Group was a profitable company, but no one knew the exact figure.

Summer looked at Jessica disdainfully. "Do you know your face is full of the words 'I like money. I am snobby'?"

"Who doesn't like money? I've never disliked money." Jessica thought of something and suddenly looked up at her. "As the saying goes, we split everything we saw in half. But I don't need that much. You just need to provide me with all the good resources and make me popular in the entertainment industry!"

Hearing this, Summer deliberately said, "If you really want that, just let Carl know."

In this era, many stars were anxious to achieve quick success and take a shortcut. They became popular with the support of a huge fan base. What Jessica wanted to do was to be an actress. Acting mattered the most, so it took time for an actress to be popular.

Carl was in charge of the Tip Top Media Company and planned to boom Jessica's popularity. However, Jessica did not take the scripts which could bring her instant popularity, but those she liked.

Jessica pretended to be angry and rolled up her sleeves. "Summer, you want a fight?"

She added, "You are different from Carl. Your castle is my castle. I will not have any psychological burden to enjoy the things you offer."

"Then I can talk to Leonardo so that you don't have to worry about what you will owe Carl."

"I'm just joking. I'm satisfied with picking the script I like and I have enough money."

Jessica got back to the topic and said, "Did Mr. Emerson really say that? Did he really want to give the Emerson Group to you?"


"Then do you dare to take it?"

Summer stiffened for a moment and said honestly, "No.copy right hot novel pub