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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 520 I Am Yours

Hearing this, Leonardo narrowed his eyes, and his expression changed subtly.

They looked at each other silently and didn't say anything for a long time.

After a long time, Leonardo was the first to speak.

"Then, what if I give the Emerson Group to you?"

Summer was frozen as shocks flashed through her eyes. She did not expect that Leonardo would take the initiative to say this. Actually, what she wanted to say just now was also this matter.

It seemed that Leonardo didn't need anything, as if he was untouchable.

She could not deny his capability, but until now, most of his wealth halo had come from the Emerson Group. She couldn't help but test Leonardo.

If she had to test him, then why didn't she give him such a big challenge?

She changed her mind and asked Tim to send her to the Emerson Group because she wanted to talk to him about this matter.

However, she did not expect Leonardo would say it first.

Maybe ... he had seen through her at first.

However, Leonardo was too sophisticated. He didn't want others to see through him, so that he could completely hide the true himself.

Summer looked into his eyes, but failed to tell what he was thinking. Since Leonardo had already said so, Summer would have to "play the game" with him.

She straightened her body and tried her best to make her tone sound calm, "So generous?"

"Even I am yours, let alone the Emerson Group." Leonardo held her hand and kissed it.

He said those sweet words, which had no slightest of sweetness at all. Instead, it was as if he was taking an oath, dignified and solemn.

Summer figured out why Leonardo was so frightening, not only because of his uncertain temper, but also his subtle insight.

He was too smart. He knew how to make a person suffer the most, and how to move a person deeply.

However, he was particularly possessive, and sometimes a little paranoid.

Summer was so surprised that she forgot to take her hand back.

Leonardo pulled her and leaned over to kiss her lips. Then, he whispered in her ear, "Come back to the company tomorrow at this time."

When she left the Emerson Group, Summer still felt dizzy.

Did Leonardo ask her to come to the Emerson Group to look for him at this time tomorrow just to transfer the company to her?

She ... she was just saying, but she didn't really want the company. Summer was a little anxious. It seemed that she played too much.

Buzz--her phone vibrated. It was a reminder from the new Whatsapp message.copy right hot novel pub