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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 274 Bring Her back

The plane arrived at its destination after ten hours.

On the radio, the flight attendant reminded the passengers that the plane was about to land.

Summer turned to look out of the window.

This was the only country in the world that covered an entire continent. It was surrounded by sea and had many unique natural landscapes, plants and animals.

Coincidentally, this was also the country that Summer once yearned for.

She had once mentioned this to Jerome.

But that was the past.

She guessed it was just a coincidence that Jerome booked tickets to this country.

After getting off, Summer felt a heat wave pouncing on her face.

Because of the location of the country, it was the hottest season in January here.

Summer followed the crowd and walked out.

She was alone, without any luggage. And she was beautiful, elegant but alone, so she was conspicuous and lonely in the crowd.

Passers-by shot curious glances at Summer.

Fortunately, Summer was a hardworking student at university. Although her English was not very good, she had no problem communicating with the native people.

Summer took a taxi to the nearest hotel and went out to buy a computer without much rest.

Previously, she had only sent the first half of the script to Eliza. Eliza must know it by now, and she must be very angry.

Summer logged into her mailbox. There were several unread emails on the screen.

The first was sent by Jerome three hours ago when she just got off the plane.

The second was from Eliza, and the last few were sent by Jessica.

Summer just used this email address when she was at university. Not many people knew it. And she mostly used this mail address for work. However, Summer had very few friends and did not apply for a private mailbox.

Summer jiggled the mouse to the bottom of the unread emails and opened the earliest-received email sent from Jessica.

This email was sent when Summer set fire to the villa a few days ago.

After the fire, she did not use her phone. The only way Jessica could contact her was via her email.

Summer clicked on the email.copy right hot novel pub