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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 21 I’m now a part of the Emerson Family

Leonardo was indifferent looking at her face flushed with anger. He calmly said, “Are you in trouble?”

Summer pinched her blanket and said coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

Her cold face had no threat in his eyes at all.

“Of course it’s none of my business, but if you beg me, I’ll consider helping you.” Leonardo looked at her nonchalantly. He didn’t hide his ill intentions.

Summer will never beg him.

Leonardo looked at her deeply, turned, and walked out.

He walked a couple of steps and met Tim.

Tim gently nodded, and asked for his opinion, “Boss, what are we doing about the news on missus?”

Leonardo recalled what Summer said, snickered and laughed coldly, said, “What does it have to do with me? Even if I want to help, she has to want my help, ah!”

Leonardo went to the study as soon as he finished.

Tim looked at his back view and realized that boss’s last ‘Ah’ had a hint of resignation.

Summer didn’t plan to be bothered by the news on social media.

She doesn’t know why Vicky suddenly did that and she can’t be bothered to guess.

She only knew that Jessica already knew that she had replaced Vicky to be married to the Emerson family. Thereafter, Jessica may directly tear her up.

Even if Jessica wanted to tear her up, she still had to find Jessica.

Both of them found a more remote cafe.

After all, Jessica was a small actress with a following of seven to eight hundred fans. She will also be worried about being recognized in public.

When she arrived at the cafe, Jessica had already arrived.

Jessica had a mask on, her hair tied to a ponytail and wore a simple white outer jacket. She looks clean and tidy. Add to that a unique look, everyone would look in her direction.

Jessica was like this since young. She was always the focal point and easily attracted attention wherever she went.

Summer sat down opposite her and greeted with an apologetic tone, “Waited for long?”

Jessica crossed her arms and leaned back on the sofa, looked her in the eyes and said slowly, “You are the missus of Emerson family, a nobody like me should wait for you.”

Summer, “…”

When Jessica saw that Summer was speechless, she stopped her viciousness.copy right hot novel pub