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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 20 Summer’s Weakness

Summer went through all the messages on Weibo. She tried to think about it in an optimistic way: she did not have a Weibo account. Otherwise, she would receive tons of bad comments from angry netizens.

It was impossible not to get angry when she saw those vicious curses.

Summer couldn’t stand it. She took out her phone and called Vicky.

After a long time, Vicky picked up the phone.

“Why do you call me now? Is there anything wrong?” Vicky’s voice was gentle and calm, as if she didn’t know anything on the Internet.

Summer smiled coldly and subdued her anger. She tried to make her voice sound normal.

“Do you know the trending topic on Weibo? And the news on other social media platforms?” Summer had just gone on the Internet. Not only had it been trending on Weibo, but there was also news on various other platforms.

The public was happy to see this kind of drama between wealthy families. Of course, the press would not let it go.

Vicky said carelessly, “What news? I’m busy at work. Before my brother comes back from studying abroad, I have to help dad manage the company. I’m not like you. You can watch the entertainment news in your spare time.”

Vicky said that in a certain careless attitude. However, she was just showing off.

After graduating from university, Vicky joined the Jarrett Group as a manager.

However, after Summer graduated, she didn’t get the opportunity. Even she took the initiative to tell Karen that she wanted to start working at the Jarrett Group from the basic position, Karen refused her still, “You are not as competent as your sister. You can’t help even if you go to the company. Go find a job yourself.”

As for Lynn, he had never cared about her studies or work.copy right hot novel pub