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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 208: Carl Comes Out of the Closet

Since Summer was angry with Leonardo, she didn't show any mercy. Instead, she punched him hard.

However, Leonardo remained calm and obedient. He didn't resist at all. She couldn't take her anger out on him.

Summer finally stopped and turned around. She refused to talk to Leonardo and didn't hit him, either.

Staying calm and collected, Leonardo looked down and glanced at her.

This was the first time he had sized Summer up so seriously since the incident happened yesterday.

She was much more resilient and she had recovered much faster than he had expected. Leonardo was very frustrated.

Summer was too strong and independent, which meant she would be less reliant on him.

Perhaps, he had been wrong from the beginning.

He grew up with Adams, and they were very close.

When Adams became trending on social media for the second time, Leonardo did know Adams was involved.

He wanted to believe Adams, but he was fully aware that Adams did it on purpose. It was never a thoughtless act.

It was just the beginning.

What happened afterwards was indeed within his expectations.

He didn't lay bare his plot. Nor did he face Adams off. It was because he wanted to know how far Adams could go.

He had a hunch that Adams might threaten him with Summer. But he had never expected that Adams would be so cruel and ruthless.

He thought he would have been able to settle it properly even if that was the case.

But he made a huge mistake.

He could handle everything, except Summer.

No matter what he did, it was not good enough.

Summer noticed Leonardo was staring at her.

She turned to look at him, her lips pursed. She said, "You..."

Leonardo suddenly held her hand. Although he maintained a poker face, his chin was rigid, revealing his emotions.

He seemed to be nervous. But upon closer inspection, he seemed to be as collected as usual.

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