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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 209: Wedding

Jessica gave Summer a "cold" expression. "I'm serious. Anyway, you're single now."

Her words reminded Summer of the marriage certificate.

It belonged to Leonardo and Vicky. Their names were on the certificate.

Since Summer and Leonardo got married, they hadn't seen the marriage certificate. So neither of them knew to whom the marriage certificate belonged.

The photo of the marriage certificate was sent to Vicky by Adams.

Vicky was seen as a victim. Despite her messy private life, she was Leonardo's legal wife and Summer was a "mistress".

The moment Jessica said it, she realized she had made a mistake.

"No, I mean." Jessica tried to explain.

"It's fine." Summer comforted her.

Summer didn't check the phone and went to find Leonardo.

Leonardo didn't go to work. He was busy dealing with Summer's.

Carl came out of the closet first. On the next day, two stars in show business announced their relationship.

It was the third day. The news that came out in the past two days had diverted people's attention. It seemed that no one was discussing Summer's affair anymore.

Those who were trending on social media were all celebrities from Tip Top Media Company.

Summer knew better than anyone that Leonardo did this.

The news was suppressed. The only matter left was the marriage certificate.

Vicky also had a hard time recently. She had been locked at home by Alexander. She was not allowed to go out or to see Adams.

Alexander was strict, and he knew Vicky very well.

If he had allowed Vicky to go out, she would have talked nonsense in front of media.

He only hoped the Jarretts could be safe and didn't want the family run into trouble with the Emersons anymore.


Leonardo's study was not shut. Summer gently pushed the door open.

Before she could enter, she heard Leonardo's roar from inside.

"Do you really think I didn't know mother had the accident because of you? Why have you done? Why do you stoop so low to please Alexander? Why did interfere with my personal life now?"

Leonardo was standing in the shadows of a dimly lighted desk lamp in the study room. His voice was icy.copy right hot novel pub