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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 164: Only She Could Touch Him

Carl noticed that Summer hadn't looked at Leonardo since they met.

He wanted to help Leonardo, so he said, "Don't leave now. Let's have dinner together. Leonardo drove his car here. Since he will be drinking tonight, you can drive him home later."

"Tim can do that. He can also call for a substitute driver," Summer smiled slightly, her expression being absolutely normal.

Leonardo looked up at Summer.

These days, he always left early and returned home late. He didn't have much time to spend with Summer at home and didn't even have the chance to talk to her properly.

This was the first time he looked at her so closely in this week.

They lived in the same villa, but when looking at her like this, he actually felt like he missed her.

Summer also noticed that Leonardo was looking at her. Her face started to stiffen and the calm expression on her face was about to change.

She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she wouldn't be able to keep calm. So she turned around to leave.

Just as she stepped forward, someone caught her hand.

Immediately after, a deep and husky voice came into her ear, "We'll go back together later."

His said it calmly, and she could not sense any emotions in his tone.

His hands were warm and dry, and they tightly wrapped around her hands, making her feel warm and at ease.

Summer curled her fingers and said, "I have to go back to catch my draft."

Leonardo's face darkened. He didn't give her another chance to refuse and directly pulled her into the elevator.

Carl and Warren followed them.

Summer could not lose her temper in front of them, and she couldn't pull back her hands.

The anger in her heart accumulated.

Leonardo looked at her delicate face. She was clearly angry, but she was trying not to lose temper. Seeing her like that had somehow made his bad mood better.

On the side, Carl saw the expressions of Leonardo and Summer.

He really couldn't understand Leonardo.

Was Leonardo happy when Summer was obviously angered by him?

What a twisted man!

Then, he thought of Jessica. Not to mention holding hands, he would be thrilled for days if Jessica said a few more words to him.

What a contrast.

Comparisons are odious!


Warren was also a little depressed. He thought that it would be the three of them drinking and chatting. But in reality it was him and Carl watching the two love birds showing their affection for each other.

"Do you want this?"

"What about this?"

Leonardo asked Summer as he showed her the dish.

Summer didn't know why Leonardo was acting like this today in front of Carl and Warren. But she couldn't refuse him. In the end, she ate a lot.

While she was eating, the three men were drinking.

When she looked up, she found that there were several empty wine bottles on the table.

And Carl was crying on Warren's shoulder like a child.copy right hot novel pub