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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 165: She Was Like You

Summer's heart softened all of a sudden.

Leonardo wasn't pretending to be drunk.

Otherwise, he wouldn't call her “Mom”.

At the bottom of his heart, mother is a very important and heavy role, so he wouldn't make fun of it.

He only let her touch him when he was drunk because he trusted her and her only.

That's why he acted like this.

Summer suddenly didn't know what to do.

Although Leonardo was a man with deep thoughts, he was also the kind of person who would express his emotions directly.

Previously, when she asked if he was being nice to her because she looked like Rachel, he didn't even try to lie but acquiesced.

He was honest about his feelings, he didn't know how to disguise, also disdain to deceive.

Summer sighed. Then she helped Leonardo change into his pajamas.

Leonardo had nearly fallen asleep, but he was quite cooperative when Summer changed his clothes.

When Summer was done, he had completely fallen asleep. He looked calm and noble, and the gloominess on his face dissipated. He was just like an ordinary young man from a rich family.

Suddenly, he reached out his hand and only touched the quilt. He frowned, although he did not open his eyes.

Seeing him frowning, Summer felt bitter. It was the first time for him to feel this way.

She put her hand into Leonardo's. He grabbed her hands tightly, and his furrowed brow was slowly relaxing. Then he fell asleep peacefully.


The next day.

Leonardo opened his eyes, and after returning to his senses, he felt that there was someone with a warm body leaning on his chest, and the two of them were in an intimate posture.

The hangover left him momentarily confused.

His face darkened, but quickly, he smelled Summer's aroma and realized that he was in his bedroom at home.

He relaxed and looked at the woman in his arms.

Summer took care of Leonardo last night so she went to bed late. Now she was sleeping soundly.

Her long black hair spread out on the pillow. She was wearing cotton white pajamas and her cheeks were red because of the warmth under the quilt. She did not look as enchanting as usual when she was asleep but was much cuter.copy right hot novel pub