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Me Before You

Chapter 898

The sky was getting darker. Daniel Taylor canceled the dinner party and rushed home. While he was on his way, the sky was already covered with brilliant stars. He sat in his car and looked at the stars in the sky.

He had never been so eager to go back home.

Once there was a time when he just considered "home" just a place to eat and rest. But since Anna has come into his life and his home, he always looked forward to going back home. Just by looking at her, he felt very relieved.

"Jack Smith, drive to that Delight Bakery." Daniel Taylor knew that Anna liked the cake of this bakery. So, he thought of giving her a little surprise by buying her favorite cake.

Jack Smith knew what he wanted to buy. He looked back at him, just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Daniel Taylor came back home and saw that the whole house was surrounded by darkness. He was so startled that he didn’t say anything to Jack Smith and just rushed inside.

Jack Smith looked at Daniel Taylor, who was rushing to his home in a hurry, stroked his nose and murmured, "Why do I feel that I start envying Mr. Taylor’s life a lot. In the past, didn’t I prefer to stay single forever?"

With this thought, Jack Smith, who hasn’t been to nightclubs recently, quickly walked to his car and drove towards the most famous nightclub in Jingzhou.

"Anna, I’m back." Daniel Taylor entered the house, but no one responded.

He put down the cake and went upstairs. He opened the door of his bedroom and as soon as he saw a dim light turned on in the bedroom, he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he slowly walked towards the bed.

He saw Anna sleeping soundly, and even while sleeping, she didn’t forget to protect the child. She was holding her abdomen with her both hands. Her peaceful and beautiful appearance made Daniel Taylor stare at her fondly.

She had their child in her abdomen. To be honest, Daniel Taylor was looking forward to the fact that the one living here was a little princess or a little prince, but no matter what, he will give him (her) his unconditional love and happy life.

Because their child wasn’t only their offspring to carry on their family name, but also the souvenir of their love.

Daniel Taylor was caressing her long hair and noticed that her long lashes, like feathers, were constantly shaking. He knew that she was about to wake up.

"Sir, you’re back." As soon as Anna opened her eyes, she happened to meet a pair of eyes full of tenderness and she seemed to indulge in the gentleness of his gaze.copy right hot novel pub