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Me Before You

Chapter 899

Anna was shocked to hear this, and then said, "John Peter came this afternoon."

"John?" Daniel Taylor suddenly turned around and stared at her, as if to see through her, but Anna was standing there quietly, "But why? Why did he come here? Isn’t sister still ill? Instead of taking care of his mother, he is wasting time running here and there. What he is up to?"

Anna wasn’t expecting this. She was shocked to hear about Olivia Taylor’s illness, "How’s sister? She hasn’t recovered yet? Is it serious?"

Daniel Taylor noticed Anna’s worried appearance and immediately comforted her, "It isn’t serious. She just has a cold. She is afraid to infect you, that’s why she didn’t come to see you."

Anna waved her hand in a hurry, "I’m fine. She doesn’t have to come to see me. In fact, I should go to see her, but I didn’t even ask about her health, let alone going to see her. I am really ashamed. Sister has always been so kind to me."

Daniel Taylor saw Anna blaming herself, pulled her to his arms, and gently embraced her, "Don’t worry. She can understand."

"But..." Anna wasn’t at ease.

"Little fool, don’t you know what kind of a person my sister is? How can she blame you for this? What’s more, you have the third-generation child of the Taylor Family in your belly. So, if you don’t go to see her, she won’t be unhappy. On the contrary, when she gets well, she will definitely come to see you, okay?"

Anna nodded silently. Olivia Taylor has been very good to her. So, she believed Daniel Taylor’s words. But when she thought of John Peter’s obsession with herself, she felt ashamed. Because no matter what, it was a reality that she once had a relationship with John Peter, which made her feel awkward every time she faced him.

"But, John Peter..." Finally, Anna plucked up the courage, and said, "Sir, I’m afraid that he hasn’t moved on yet."

Daniel Taylor heard Anna saying so, thought of John Peter’s sudden return to Jingzhou just because of Anna, and frowned.

Indeed, that boy hasn’t been able to move on, and it made him helpless. After all, John Peter was his dear nephew whom he loved the most since childhood. He can’t just beat him. No matter how generous his sister was, she will naturally hold grudges for him.copy right hot novel pub