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Me Before You

Chapter 867

Mother Taylor called her and took out a delicate picture book, which was full of new born baby products, "Anna, come and see if there is anything you like. I want to start buying baby products! In this way, everything will be prepared for the little baby as soon as possible..."

Anna was too nervous after hearing this. She just lifted her head and looked at Daniel Taylor, as if to ask for help…

Daniel Taylor just wanted to speak, but he was interrupted by Mother Taylor, "Daniel, you’re a man, you don’t understand these things, so, you don’t have to meddle. Go ahead, and don’t disturb us."

So, Daniel Taylor could only give his little wife a really-can't-help look, turned around and walked towards the bedroom.

Sir, how can you be so heartless?

Mother Taylor called her again, "Anna, how about this one? This is from the shops Lisa bought things for her little grandson. The quality of the things can be guaranteed… but, we’d better change to another shop. After all, it’s the third generation of Taylor family. I want the best of everything!"

Seeing mother Taylor's happy and enthusiastic appearance, Anna said cautiously, "Mom, isn’t it a little early to buy all these things now? Besides, I’m not sure whether I’m pregnant or not. I think we should start doing all this after my report comes positive."

Mother Taylor patted her chest confidently and said, "it must be true. You didn’t have your period last month. I guess it’s definitely confirmed this time."

Then she took Anna’s hand and said with some emotions, "do you know how many years I haven’t held a child? It was 20 years ago when Daniel was young that I held a child. It’s really been so many years. I really miss the wonderful time when Daniel and Olivia were newborn..."

Anna raised her head, seeing the tears in Mother Taylor’s eyes, "Mom..."

Mother Taylor wiped her tears, showed a smile, "really, when I think of my lovely grandchildren I would feel... don’t laugh at mom..."

Anna smiled and said, "I won't laugh at you, mom, you are feeling like this because you love children! What’s more, I really like your loving nature.copy right hot novel pub