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Me Before You

Chapter 866

Daniel Taylor flung Katherine Foy’s hand away. Then he went to Anna, held her chin with his hand. As soon as his eyes fell at the obvious palm print on her face, his face suddenly became gloomy. Then he turned around and looked at Katherine Foy coldly.

Katherine Foy felt appalled by his scary look. Then she looked at his raised hand and immediately exclaimed, "look, I really didn’t mean to. I thought Anna took a fancy to Chris and seduced him. Anna, I’ve realized that I was wrong. Can you explain it to your husband?"

Anna was also shocked by Daniel Taylor’s anger. After a long time, she heard Katherine Foy’s scream and regained her consciousness. Looking at Katherine Foy who was still finding an excuse, Anna said with sarcasm, "When did I take a fancy to Chris? It’s all your own imagination."

After saying this to her, Anna whispered to Daniel Taylor, "Sir, forget it, she won’t provoke me again..."

Katherine Foy saw Anna speaking for her and nodded gratefully. Just by recalling that the cruel man who specially asked a fierce-looking woman to hit her violently last time, she couldn’t help but looked at them with beseeching eyes, "last time I was beaten hard and stayed in the hospital for a month, so please forgive me, I know it’s my mistake!"

Daniel Taylor didn’t understand what she was saying. He raised his eyebrows, looked at Anna, and asked with his eyes that "what is going on?"

Anna thought of Robin Johnson’s ruthless appearance, and explained in a low voice, "last time she accused me of beating her. Robin Johnson got to know about and he really hired a woman to beat her up in the hospital..."

Daniel Taylor was stunned, then he thought for a while and said softly, "this is really Robbie’s style."

Then, he looked at Katherine Foy and said in a cold voice, "if you bully my wife again, I will break my rule of not hitting women."

After that, he took back his sight coldly, looked at Anna displeasingly, "You are really amazing. You'd rather be beaten than shout for help."

Anna immediately retorted defiantly, "how shameless it would be for me to beg for mercy! Besides, I am Daniel Taylor’s woman! No matter what, I can’t be yellow-bellied."

Daniel Taylor’s anger was relieved by her words. He looked at the bruise on her face, "Really, I should have slapped her just now..."

Anna chuckled, but accidentally the bruise on her face ached. She winced in pain, but said with a smile, "It's ok! Come on, she doesn’t worth it. Besides, if you slapped her, chief would blame me for this.copy right hot novel pub