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Me Before You

Chapter 855

Olivia Taylor noticed Anna’s shy face, looked at her for a while, then couldn’t help but tease her, "Anna, do you need to be so shy? Really, you look so shy that my heart has been rippling for a long time."

Anna was embarrassed by her. She lowered her head and sat there.

Olivia Taylor also saw this and didn’t tease her any more. She looked at Anna, who has gradually recovered her physical strength and asked in a low voice, "Anna, how are you feeling now? Actually, Charles just called me. He wanted to come back and change his clothes, so, I need to go but you are here alone..."

"Sister, you go back. I am ok! I’m really much better!" Anna said in a hurry.

Olivia Taylor thought for a while and nodded, "then I’ll go back first but I’ll be back soon. Just have a rest. I’ll be here soon."

After saying this, Olivia Taylor left.

Anna sat on the hospital bed bored. At the moment, she felt her body sore all over, so she slowly walked down and stood by the window, looking out.

Before long, suddenly a message broke the silence of the ward. She opened the message and was shocked when she saw the content on her mobile phone.

She was shocked for a second, then regardless of her illness, she ran out.

She kept walking and suddenly found that she didn’t take her mobile phone. She was in a hurry and left the mobile phone in the ward.

After thinking about it, she turned and ran towards the ward.

But when she reached the door of the ward, panting, she saw a tall figure standing there, and that man was holding her cell phone.

Anna felt like being struck by thunder. She stood at the door in a daze, without moving and without saying anything for a long time.

Just as Anna was about to walk slowly and enter into the ward, Olivia Taylor’s voice reached her ears from behind her, "Anna, why are you standing outside? It’s windy outside.copy right hot novel pub