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Me Before You

Chapter 856

Anna immediately interrupted his unfinished words and explained wholeheartedly, "I am not cheating on you! Sir, you have to believe me! I’ve been clean all the time, but I just don’t know what’s wrong with these people. Why are they exploiting me? I… I really didn’t do anything! You… don’t you believe me?"

Looking at her incoherent and nervous appearance and the way she tried to explain. Daniel Taylor felt a bit affection in the bottom of his heart.

But after thinking that since this girl went to university, she always made trouble. He made up his mind to make her remember this lesson. So that she will stay away from those men who coveted her!

Although he didn’t admit it, still he had to say that her little woman was now in her youth, but when he looked back on himself, he saw a faint sign of getting old.

However, no matter how he was, he will never give up on Anna! Not even for his own nephew! Anna was, Anna is and Anna will be his honey, his unique honey, and soon his baby’s mother! Therefore, any other man was Daniel Taylor’s enemy!

Thinking of this, he deliberately showed a very sad and disappointed expression, looked directly at her, opened his mouth but paused. Then said in a deep voice, "Anna, you are like this, I’m really sad..."

With that, he quietly turned around, and the shrugged shoulders revealed his indignation and uneasiness at the moment.

Anna was so anxious that she didn’t care about the hospital bed. She got up in a hurry and walked towards him. However, she unpreparedly stepped on the empty air and then let out a scream, "ah".

Daniel Taylor turned around and saw Anna falling on the ground, which made him lose his senses. He quickly walked to her. One second before landing on the ground, a pair of big hands took her into his arms!

He was so frightened, that he roared at Anna, "Anna! What are you doing?"

Anna was yelled at by him. She pursed her lips wrongly and said in a low voice, "I want to explain to you, but you turned around. I was so anxious and forgot that I am in the hospital bed..."

Daniel Taylor was amused by her innocent expression, but he still managed to keep a straight face and glared at her angrily, "You still dare to argue! If I didn’t catch you, do you know what would happen to you? Or do you like to be hospitalized? Do you want to stay a little longer? Then you don’t have to hurt yourself. I can help you..."

In the face of his powerful accusation, Anna retorted innocently in a low voice, "I didn’t hurt myself! I’m not stupid. Why do I want to be hospitalized? It’s expensive to be hospitalized. I can’t afford to stay longer..copy right hot novel pub