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Me Before You

Chapter 853

Anna had many classes today. In addition to it, the school’s second talent convention was about to start. She didn’t want to participate in it, but Vanessa Cameron forced her to take part in one program. So, she was busy rehearsing all afternoon.

By the time she got out of the school gate, it had been already dark.

Anna didn’t call Jack Smith, but chose to go back herself, but at the school gate, she saw a black car parked at the door. She looked at it, but it was not Daniel Taylor’s car. So, she went to the light rail.

However, as soon as Anna passed by, the other side suddenly pressed the horn and scared her.

Then the other side rolled down the window, and a disgusting face appeared in front of Anna. Anna just gave him a disdainful look and then continued to walk forward.

Henry Michael didn’t expect such a result. He had been waiting for her at the school gate for most of the day. But this woman turned out to be so ungrateful.

This made him angry. He slammed the door and chased Anna.

Anna was well aware of this man’s nature. So, she rushed up.

At this time, a dazzling camera flash attracted the attention of the two people who were busy running and chasing.

Henry Michael stood there motionless, while Anna looked at that figure hurriedly running towards the school gate. Anna shouted, "Who are you? Stop!"

However, that person didn’t stop and flew away. Anna wanted to chase that person, but as soon as she took a step, she was grabbed by a pair of hands. No matter how she tried, she can’t move.

Anna turned back indignantly and roared, "let me go!"

Henry Michael refused to do it and looked at her coldly, "Anna! Do you know how long I have been waiting for you today? Don’t you think you should work on your attitude? I just honked my horn, but you didn’t stop. Why did you ignore me? Do I have no sense of existence in your mind?"

Anna saw that she couldn’t get rid of him, and other person had already run out of sight. She immediately glared at Henry Michael with hatred, "Mr Michael, I didn’t ask you to wait for me, did I? What’s more, I’ve said that I won’t cooperate with you. Why are you pestering me again and again? I’m married and your behavior will create problems for me!"

Henry Michael pointed to himself and asked, "Am I pestering you? Come on, Anna! You are not a beautiful woman rarely seen in a millennium. Why should I pester you?"

Anna snorted, "Then, I just misunderstood it. Mr Michael, please stop it! Go to the women who are waiting for you.copy right hot novel pub