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Me Before You

Chapter 852

Daniel Taylor ignored the stewardess’ feelings, he touched the ring on his ring finger, and smiled as he had seen Anna’s proud appearance saying, "See, he is my husband!"

Daniel Taylor smiled at the mirror, then opened the door and walked towards his seat. The stewardess had already left, and Daniel Taylor liked her smartness.

It’s better to leave after knowing that there is no space for you than to embarrass one’s own self.

Daniel Taylor didn’t pay attention to this incident at all, that’s why he didn’t notice when he contacted the stewardess so many times, a light flashed in the back endlessly…

When the plane landed, Daniel Taylor turned on his mobile phone and received a call from Robin Johnson.

Daniel Taylor answered it, "Robbie, where are you now?"

Robin Johnson, in a slightly tired voice said, "in Incheon hospital, Daniel, come quickly, Dad, he… he is not fine."

Daniel Taylor frowned and asked in a deep voice, "what’s the matter? He was fine before. All of a sudden, what happened to him?"

Robin Johnson hesitated for a moment, "it’s because of me, I..."

Daniel Taylor looked down at his mobile phone and found that the phone had no power. He hired a taxi in a hurry and set off for Incheon Hospital.

After a while, Daniel Taylor reached Incheon Hospital.

He looked at the door of the hospital which had been blocked by news reporters, he hesitated for a moment, then pulled up his collar and walked towards the door. The reporters swarmed in and blocked the door of the hospital.

Daniel Taylor relied on his strong physique, as well as his flexible dexterity, and soon got into the hospital.

He just took a few steps and was stopped by a pair of powerful hands, "who are you? Journalists are not allowed here.... Daniel! You… you have arrived!"

Daniel Taylor pulled down his collar and revealed his true face. Then he saw old chief’s assistant, Blake, pulling him and running towards the operating room.

As they walked, Blake said, "Chief has been talking about you before he entered the operation theatre. This time, chief probably won’t be able to survive..."

After saying this, Blake, who has followed the old chief in countless battlefields also couldn’t help sobbing.

"Blake, do you know what happened to chief?" Daniel Taylor asked in a low voice.

Blake didn’t say a word, and his silence made Daniel Taylor frown again.

Daniel Taylor walked to the door of the operating room without hesitation. He saw Mrs. Johnson and Robin Johnson standing there with red eyes. He went over and called them in a deep voice.

Robin Johnson raised his head and saw Daniel Taylor.copy right hot novel pub