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Me Before You

Chapter 790

For the next half month, Daniel Taylor was very busy. Anna and Chris used this time to hang around. They met many famous people in the media industry, and Daniel Taylor also arranged for them to work as a part-time employee in his company for several days.

At more than two o'clock in the afternoon, Anna, with her suitcase, followed Chris and checked in at the airport.

Both of them were going to attend an event. The hotel was contracted by the organizer. They will stay in a hotel during this period of time, so they were going together. Daniel Taylor had an important meeting this afternoon. So, he can't come to see her off. He asked Jack Smith to see her off.

There were a lot of people in line at this point. Anna was also waiting in line for her turn when Daniel Taylor's phone call came. She looked at the mobile screen and unconsciously smiled. A sweet feeling overflowed, "Sir."

She didn't know why but just by receiving his call, she felt very happy.

"Did you reach the airport?" Daniel Taylor asked.

Anna nodded, "Yes! Boarding my luggage. When is your meeting?

"In a moment, when you get there, send me a message to inform.copy right hot novel pub