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Me Before You

Chapter 789

Daniel Taylor was famous for his difficult appointment. Since he came Shanghai, many people wanted to invite him to dinner, but they couldn't make an appointment at all. However, he came to eat with him, which clearly expressed how much he doted on Anna.

Daniel Taylor said, "My wife said that you helped her a lot, I would like to thank you on her behalf."

Chris looked at Anna, and the smile on his face was very sincere. "I didn't help her. It’s just that she is too polite. I knew her for a long time. Last time when I came to Jingzhou I was too busy and couldn't invite her to have a meal. So when she came to Shanghai, I did my best to act as a host."

When they met for the first time, Chris was a bit fond of Anna, but since he knew she had a boyfriend, he gave up the idea. Anyone who even has a little self-respect can never try to be a paramour. Chris was also a man of a good moral character.

Three people sat down.

Anna was sitting beside Daniel Taylor and eating food. With that, she was listening to Daniel Taylor chatting with Chris. After random chatting, they talked about Chris's company, and then they talked about cooperation.

It turned out that Anna was directly put aside..copy right hot novel pub