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Me Before You

Chapter 764

Anna looked at Daniel Taylor and asked curiously, "what about you? How was your stay? Do you adapt to the environment there?"

He has been gone for more than a month!

Anna didn't know how he was living there.

Daniel Taylor has always been the kind of person who stays quiet and doesn't talk about their problems. He always wanted to leave the image of a strong man on her.

Daniel Taylor said, "Not bad, it’s just in the recent period of time I didn’t stay outside."

Jack Smith, who was sitting in the front seat came forward and took the lead to speak, "yes, he just misses you so much. Anna, you know the tie clip that you gifted him before, he wore that all day long. Once he lost it, and he let me look for it. I searched it everywhere until I find it, and he made me suffer all day."

Jack Smith also took advantage of this opportunity and made complaints. As an assistant, he felt speechless and helpless at that time.

He thought it's just a tie clip. Why is it so important?

But Daniel Taylor insisted on letting him find it. After finding it, he asked the reason and Daniel Taylor said that it was sent by Anna.

You can imagine how speechless Jack Smith was at that time.

His Mr. Taylor! He wasn't like that before.

With that, Jack Smith felt that he was stared at by Daniel Taylor.

His assistant is really talkative.

Anna looked at Daniel Taylor and couldn't help laughing. She thought that Sir was really funny. "It doesn’t worth a lot of money. I'll buy it for you again if you lose it!"

"..." Daniel Taylor didn't speak, but he thought, that it was the first thing that Anna has given to him.

She didn't give him many things, and even fewer he could wear all the time. He couldn't wear a scarf in summer, could he?

Moreover, at that time, he really missed her.copy right hot novel pub