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Me Before You

Chapter 763

"No, I am not." Anna heard him calling her fat and protested, "I'm still thin!"

Daniel Taylor laughed, took her hand, and went outside, "when did you come?"

"In the morning."

"Didn't I say I would reach after 2 o'clock? How did you come so early?" Even after getting off the plane, it would take him a while to get to the door. She shouldn’t come so early.

Anna secretly glanced at his side face with shy eyes and said, "I want to see you. Last night, after your call I didn't sleep all night."

Daniel Taylor looked at his cutie and with a bit of banter in his voice he said, "You miss me so much?"

Anna didn't deny it and also refused to admit defeat, "What do you say? I miss you every day when you're not by my side."

The school was closed a week ago. Anna wanted to go to him, but he said he would come back and he asked Anna to wait for him at home.

It was not easy for her to wait for him for so many days.

The driver was waiting at the door. They sat in the car, and Anna asked, "didn't Jack Smith come back with you?"

"He went to take luggage."

"Let's wait for him then." Anna sat beside him.

Daniel Taylor stretched his and held her hand. Anna looked at his hand and directly leaned on his shoulder, "I have been waiting for you for a long time, even my legs are numb."

"I let you wait for so long."

Anna stared at him, "I feel like I need a kiss."


Daniel Taylor looked at his stupid wife. At this time, she put forward such a request, and he felt that she was up to something.

He said solemnly, "sit well."

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