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Me Before You

Chapter 749

At that moment, he thought of the importance and position he had been robbed of and everything that had been stolen by Daniel Taylor and... He backed away.

Anna stood aside. She was unable to understand what Robin Johnson was saying, "What does he mean?"

Why does she feel that he behaves like a woman who comes back to ask for forgiveness after an affair?

Daniel Taylor saw that he began to talk nonsense and reminded him, "Robbie, you are drunk."

"Daniel." Robin Johnson said, "You are my brother, for all my life. I never wanted to be jealous of you, but you know what? You are so excellent! My dad never gave me importance because of you…for your legs, I'm so sorry! Can you forgive me once? Will you forgive me?"

Every day, he couldn't sleep well. This continuous insomnia had made him really miserable.

He seldom did bad things. He did it once, and his conscience always made him feel guilty of it.

Sometimes people are like this. They know what they are doing is wrong, still. They do it. But after doing it, they regret it very much.

Daniel Taylor's face was calm, and his face became terrible.

Anna stood by, listened to everything and after a long time, she understood!

She, has she misheard it?

Sir’s leg injury has something to do with Robin Johnson?

Daniel Taylor looked at Anna and said, "Anna, go out."

He did not want to let Anna hear such things.

Anna was still in shock, "but what he just said... is true?"

Daniel Taylor’s wounds seemed to have been stabbed by Anna. His face was cold and he roared out, "I asked you to go out!"

His tone was very cold like he was very angry. Anna was stunned and she stared at him. She never expected him that he would shout at her like this.

What's more, he looked extremely terrible now. People can almost feel difficult to breathe.copy right hot novel pub