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Me Before You

Chapter 750

She didn't look at Robin Johnson. She was afraid that if she looks at him, she will want to beat him. She hasn't figured out how to face the scene in front of her.

However, Daniel Taylor looked at Anna and noticed her anger. He said to Robin Johnson, "I scolded her last night. She is angry with me."

"Oh, what do you scold her for?" Robin Johnson smiled and looked at Daniel Taylor. "Why don't you apologize to her?

In fact, Robin Johnson has stopped drinking. It has been a long time since he had drunk like last night. He avoided drinking, especially because he had hidden many things in his heart. But last night… he talked with Daniel Taylor about too many things. He just couldn’t restrain himself.

Daniel Taylor looked at Anna and found that Anna was already looking at him.

Anna's eyes were a little confused.

She found out that Sir didn't mention last night.

He didn't want to discuss that matter with Robin Johnson or did he drink too much last night that he didn’t remember what happened last night?

The more Anna thought about it, the more puzzled she was.


After breakfast, they went to Taylor’s house together. Robin Johnson had bought some things for them, so he went to visit Daniel Taylor's parents.

He had a very warm attitude, and Daniel Taylor’s parents liked him very much. He had done some bad things, but, in front of other people, he was a good man who can make everyone happy.

Anna remembered that she almost thought Robin Johnson was a good man. But as she came to know what he had done to her Sir, she felt so complicated in an instant.

It was Daniel Taylor’s attitude that surprised Anna. He was behaving as if nothing had happened between him and Robin Johnson.

So, does it mean he was really drunk and didn't remember what happened last night?

Daniel Taylor sat on the sofa and looked at Anna, who was staring at Robin Johnson indifferently. He put his rubbed her head like touching a pet. "Darling, if you are not comfortable, go upstairs and have a rest."

She didn’t go anywhere and just stared at Robin Johnson, as if she could dig a hole in Robin Johnson's body.copy right hot novel pub