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Me Before You

Chapter 739

In her eyes, Simon Wallner wasn’t worthy of being her husband.

"I will think about it later." Isabella Brown refused.

"What do you mean? In our life we get married once, what is later?"

Isabella Brown stood up impatiently. "I have something else to do."

Then she left the office.

There were a lot of long-tongued women in the office. Isabella Brown didn't want to deal with them now. She always felt that she has become like this now, no matter wherever she went, she had to see people making a joke of her.

As soon as she got out of the office, she received a message from Simon Wallner, "Today you will have dinner with my parents in the evening, I'll pick you up."

Looking at the commanding tone of Simon Wallner, Isabella Brown was very upset. She walked out of the door, stood in the corridor in a complex mood, and looked downstairs.

She saw Anna.

Anna was talking to the coach with a bright smile on her face.

Isabella Brown thought of the previous days when she really despised Anna, but now, the situation between her and Anna has changed. One was on the sky, and the other was on the ground.

She thought of Daniel Taylor and everything started going wrong from the day she had offended him…

She always felt that they should not continue like this.


Anna just finished talking with the coach and saw Isabella Brown standing there.

Anna was stupefied, she looked around and Isabella Brown has come over, "don't look there, I'm here to find you."

Anna looked at her warily. "What are you coming to me for?"

One was on the sky, and the other was on the ground.copy right hot novel pub