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Me Before You

Chapter 738

However, as a mature grown-up man, he was more sensible in dealing with problems, and he never ignored her because of such boring things.

Vanessa Cameron said, "Mr. Taylor's angry look is particularly terrible, right? He is so fierce. If I see him angry, I don't even dare to talk to him."

"..." Anna thought of her sir, "No? Is he fierce?"

She always thought that Daniel Taylor was very good at talking, but sometimes he became a little serious.

But, fierce?

Vanessa Cameron said, "I heard that he had sent John Peter abroad."

"He did this for his good." If John Peter had stayed her, he would have only made everyone unhappy. There was nothing wrong with his decision and Anna supported his decision.

Vanessa Cameron smiled, "but why do I think he was afraid that if John Peter stays here, he will rob you?"

"..." Anna was stunned. She said, "I don't like John Peter, even if he doesn't go abroad, I will have no future with him. John Peter is abroad, or he stays here, for me, it's the same."

No matter what others think, in Anna’s heart, Daniel Taylor was right.

Even if he had sent him because of her!

Let’s consider that it was because of her that he let John Peter go abroad, so what? What's the problem with it?

It's just that he cared about her.

Vanessa Cameron said to Anna, "have you contacted John Peter recently?"

John Peter was abroad, but has been in contact with the team.

Anna shook her head. "No."

After John Peter left, she didn't ask about him. Even when he was in Jingzhou, she didn't care much. She and John Peter were already people of two worlds, and she didn't want to waste energy for him. She was a revenger. She will always remember those who hurt her.copy right hot novel pub