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Me Before You

Chapter 737

Anna said worriedly, "we were photographed last night. Isn't there any problem?"

Daniel Taylor took a look at her mobile phone, saw the news on it, and said calmly. "There shouldn’t be any problem, right?"

"Don’t you want to deal with it?"

Isn’t it bad to be on the news?

Daniel Taylor said, "What to deal with?"

"..." She saw that he didn't seem worried at all.

Of course, Daniel Taylor was not worried, because this was what he asked his people to do. He deliberately selected a picture that was not very clear, and he did it for Anna.

He didn't want her to be pestered by others when she will go out of the door later, but he wanted to introduce her to the people outside.

After breakfast, Anna went to school.

Before entering the door, she heard her classmates discussing the news, "I heard that this man is Anna Stark's ex-husband. He is so handsome!"

Daniel Taylor never showed his face in public news. He had no shadow before. This was his first time. Although it was only a distant figure, people could still see his handsome appearance.

"My God! No wonder Anna Stark was dumped by him."

"Yes! It seems his girlfriend is very beautiful. How can you compare her with Anna Stark?"

Maybe it was because Anna was so close to them and they look at her every day, so in their eyes, Anna was just an ordinary-looking woman.

However, they couldn’t even imagine that the girl in the picture was no one other than Anna.

Anna listened to these people and couldn't help laughing. She walked into the door, stood by the two people who were talking, and said, "The person on the news is actually me."

She was in a good mood today and didn't want to hide it.

Anna said this, and they gave her a disdainful look. "Are you in your dreams? How could it be you! Aren’t you divorced?"

"We are reconciled," Anna said.copy right hot novel pub