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Me Before You

Chapter 722

It was just more than one o’clock at noon. He let her have a morning’s porridge, and he became a bad guy?

Anna thought it was Shawn Hamilton. She wanted to complain to Shawn Hamilton because she was sure that Daniel Taylor couldn’t hear her, but it turned out that after saying this, she suddenly heard Daniel Taylor’s voice coming from the top of her head.

She bit her lips in a guilty way and when the quilt blocking her face had been pulled down, Daniel Taylor’s handsome face appeared in front of her eyes.

He took a look at the porridge that she had put aside after eating a little, and then looked at her, who had been crying for hunger. He took the porridge and said in a serious voice, "sit up."

The tone was exactly of command.

Anna sat up straight under his majesty, watched Daniel Taylor scoop the porridge to her lips with a spoon, and she ate it with her mouth open.

Er, he looks so terrible!

She didn’t dare to make him angry. She wasn’t afraid of others, but she was afraid of Daniel Taylor. In front of him, she has always been very timid.

Daniel Taylor saw that she had eaten well and asked, "is it not delicious?"

Anna just had the desire to survive, she couldn’t think of anything else, she nodded, "Very delicious."

How can she dare to say it’s not delicious?

She just felt he will teach her a lesson if she denies it.

Daniel Taylor looked at her.copy right hot novel pub

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