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Me Before You

Chapter 721

Her stomach wasn’t even half-filled.

Olivia Taylor said with a smile, "Daniel told me that you can only eat this today. He forbad me to give you anything else."

"Oh, my god." Anna’s eyes widened. She was speechless!

She can’t eat anything else? She can only eat this today? Really?

"He cares about you. You are not in good health now. Take good care of yourself. When you get better, you can eat whatever you want." Olivia Taylor comforted her.

For Anna’s matters, Daniel Taylor had the final say in this family. Therefore, Anna can’t resist. As long as Daniel Taylor has spoken, the whole family will listen to him, and all she can do was to obey his orders.

She had porridge in the morning, and she had porridge at noon. She was lying on the bed weakly and felt that there was just water in her stomach. She was feeling extremely weak.

Shawn Hamilton came to check the room, saw her, and said with a smile, "Why are you having such a face? Who made you unhappy?"

Who dared to offend Daniel Taylor’s woman?

"I’m hungry," Anna told him honestly.

"..." Shawn Hamilton looked at the porridge on the bedside table and said, "Eat this and fill your stomach."

Anna had no appetite for this tasteless porridge. Why they can’t understand that they can’t let a crazy foodie, just eats porridge all the time?

"Still hungry after eating it.copy right hot novel pub

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