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Me Before You

Chapter 709

Anna always thought well before taking any step. After all, she has always been a relatively independent person. No matter what, she never made trouble for herself or others.


They talked with Olivia Taylor and Charles Peter for a while in the living room and then went upstairs.

Anna walked ahead and said, "I’ve been shopping all day. I’m so tired. Sister bought a lot of clothes and bags. God, you don’t know what she looks like when she buys clothes. I am not exaggerating, but she is too much. She can buy seven or eight articles of the same style. It seems that she wishes she could buy the whole shop in an attempt."

Even if they had the same gender as Olivia Taylor, Anna can’t imagine that she can do shopping like Olivia Taylor.

Maybe, poverty had restricted her imagination.

Daniel Taylor looked at her smiles of exultation and the way she described to himself how his sister bought clothes. He smiled and asked curiously, "how about you? What did you buy?"

Anna smiled in a little embarrassed way. "I... I bought a lot of food."

Oops, Anna belonged to the kind of people who can’t walk away when they see food.

All the things that she had bought were already eaten by her. She felt that she didn’t need to eat anything at dinner.

Daniel Taylor closed the door behind her, lowered his head, and held her into his arms. He smiled softly, "This is exactly my Anna."

He didn’t even feel surprised.copy right hot novel pub