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Me Before You

Chapter 708

He even gave her money!

Did he think she came out to sell herself?

Robin Johnson said, "What do you think you are?"

Last time, she asked him to do all that.

What’s the situation now?

She wants him to be responsible for her?

Isabella Brown looked into Robin Johnson’s insensitive eyes and felt cold. She came to him because she found that she loved him very much. However, he even took money to humiliate her and regarded her as the woman who came out to sell her body.

She was not short of money!

She wanted to be with him just because she loved him.

His refusal hit Isabella Brown’s proud self-esteem. She pushed him away and left.

The moment she went out, her tears fell down. She used to say that she loved Daniel Taylor in order to stay with him. At that time she had no idea what love was.

Because she used to love too casually, now she got retribution, even when she spoke the truth, even if she really found that she fell in love with Robin Johnson, Robin Johnson also directly regarded her as a liar.

In his eyes, Isabella Brown just wanted to get rid of the Simon Wallner. So she was deliberately trying to please him.

Robin Johnson looked at her back, ignored her, and drove away.

Isabella Brown went back to Godmother’s house. As soon as she entered the door, she saw Simon Wallner sitting on the sofa. Godmother was talking to him.

Seeing Isabella Brown coming in, he stood up and said, "you are back."

"..." Isabella Brown was not comfortable. She didn’t expect that the Simon Wallner would come here directly. Moreover, Godmother treated him well as her husband.

In Isabella Brown’s tone, there was anger, "how did you come?"

She didn’t get that how did he get here?

Simon Wallner said with a smile, "I came with President Taylor. I asked him to send me here.copy right hot novel pub