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Me Before You

Chapter 707

Isabella Brown was astonished.

Does it mean that Anna heard her call to Robin Johnson?

Robin Johnson didn’t seem to have any worries about certain words or actions!

Isabella Brown bit her lip. "He even told you that?"

Anna curled her lips. She didn’t want to say, but she knew more than that.

Anna thought that if Robin Johnson really liked Isabella Brown, he would not let others know. But he didn’t care about letting others know. Obviously, it meant that he didn’t pay attention to Isabella Brown. Because this kind of privacy should be the most basic respect.

Isabella Brown saw that Anna didn’t talk, she added, "I like Robbie, we’ve been together, even on the bed. I hope you stay away from him."

Anna was a little confused. Sure enough, she can’t understand the world of adults. She didn’t expect Isabella to show off such things.

She smiled and said, "Whatever do you do with him, what this kind of thing has to do with me? I think your husband might be more interested in."

"..." Just after Anna said that Isabella Brown’s phone rang, which happened to be a call from the Simon Wallner.

Since Isabella Brown was in Beijing, he called her every day. Isabella Brown was dying with anger. She looked at the phone, didn’t answer it and just hung up.

Isabella Brown looked at Anna. "I just came to tell you today that you should stay away from Robbie."

"Is he yours or not?" In the face of Isabella Brown’s desperate mood, Anna seemed very calm. "And even if you think he’s yours. In this case, you should go to him and talk to him, what are you doing here with me?"

Anna was also very depressed.

It wasn’t that Robin Johnson and Daniel Taylor only listen to her. Even if she talked to them, she may not be able to persuade them, right?

Does Isabella look up to her too much?

Just then, the waiter led Robin Johnson and came in.copy right hot novel pub